Sydney Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam is a yearly event I attend to learn new skills and meet new people in the video game scene. My profile can be found here.
I won best audio award in 2015 and 2016 for No Humanity and Tap Tap Volcano respectively for the Sydney Game Jam before awards were discontinued. Some interesting kinds of music have arisen out of this. You can watch some of the videos below.

Raft Wizard is a chiptune track designed to go along with this game. Crazy fast blocky raft fun, where your only goal is to survive the wild ride.

Tap Tap Volcano is a mixed genre track to go along with this game. It features Big Band jazz, Chiptune, and Rock to convey a sort of silly madness to the game.

Adorable Ache was a track for our Ludum Dare game jam. The three of us tried to make a game, but it was so silly that we gave up on it. This is what the game looked like. An anthropomorphic chicken working tirelessly while your assistant cheers you on.

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