Cinematic Music

Welcome to my orchestral madness! As part as my ongoing practice, I do these little animated score videos to orchestral music that I compose. They are usually in a cinematic, hollywood style, but there are some soothing, emotional ones too. These are all done using virtual instruments, that push the limits of what you can achieve with today’s technology.

Big Orchestral Music

Big epic complex orchestral piece! Tense moments!

Big hollywood styles trailer music.

Ridiculously big and over the top orchestral piece, for full orchestra

You can say a lot in just 30 seconds.

Fast build to a gigantic climax in only 30 seconds!

Gentle Orchestral Music

Gentle, emotional orchestral piece. It uses both orchestral and subtle uses of textural sounds.

A soft emotional piece written for strings and piano that takes you on a journey.
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