MSO: Performance of a Lifetime

A message from Victoria's Arts Community

This was an vaccine awareness campaign by the MSO. The music needed to be fun, uplifting and encouring. It’s scored for full orchestra using orchestral sample libraries.

Trailer Composer and Sound Designer
Projection: First Light

Video Game
Projection: First Light follows the adventures of Greta, a girl living
in a mythological shadow puppet world, as she embarks on a journey of
self-enlightenment with the assistance of legendary heroes from each
culture she explores.
I was the composer and sound designer for the launch trailer as shown above.
I was also the sound designer for this project responsible for creating and overseeing the implementation of all interactive audio including environmental, character, and atmospheric sounds. I lead a team of programmers using the game engine Unity as well as the audio middleware management tool Fmod. As there were many interactive and elements in the game, Fmod became a great tool to overcome these challenges, and also allowed us to set up randomly changing events in the environments, and the characters.

Composer: Score Relief "Spring"

Music Competition

This was an international film scoring competition run by The Cue Tube. This short animated film “Spring” is about a young girl and her dog ventures into the forest to awaken the spirits in order to continue the cycle of life. This was scored for the provided instrumentation of a small orchestra.

The video only version can be found here.

Composer and Sound Designer: No Humanity

Mobile Game

The soundtrack to “No Humanity”; a chaotic bullet hell survivor game mobile game. I decided to make the music a fast paced, IDM styled track that complimented the chaotic nature of the gameplay, while fading to a more gentle ambient track for the menu items.

Because the enemies in the game are all unique, it allowed for creative sound design from big monster roars, to sharp knives, to splash ocean sounds along with the sound of lasers every few seconds.

It won the best audio and best game award at Global Game Jam 2015 in Sydney, top 5 indie game at PAX 2015 Australia, and was nominated best Aussie/NZ game by IGN.

Available both on iOS and Android.

Composer: Music Cosmos Competition

Amazon Frontlines

This was an international film scoring competition run by the Music Comos. It called to score the short awareness campaign video. The music provided an uplifting and powerful statement of the amazon rainforest and the people who live and protect it. 

Composer: Berlin International Film Scoring Competition


This was an international film scoring competition run by the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition. It called to score the short film “Abiogenesis” in which a strange mechanical device lands on a desolate world and uses the planet to undergo a startling transformation. It is scored for orchestra taking influence from classic hollywood orchestral scoring techniques to evoke a mysterious, curious, and lastly epic sense of scale to the film.

The video only version can be found here.

Composer: Indie Film Scoring Competition 2021

"Bear Hugs"

This scored as part of the international film scoring competition run by the Indie Film Scoring Competition. It’s a very emotionally driven film, sending an important message about child abuse. The music is scored orchestrally with mallets to emphaise the child-like nature.

Composer: Spitfire Scoring Competition 2020


This was a scoring contest run by Spitfire Audio and the creators of the Tv show “Westworld”.

This was very challenging to score due to so many little changes that required music to follow along and adapt to. Some scenes did not have obvious solutions at first, and it took a while to figure out. I decided the way I’d approach the score was through synths and sound design elements. To keep the synths moving, there was a lot of automation used to reflect the constantly shifting action throughout the scene. To keep things unpredictable, I used unusual rhythms and “phasing” in some areas so that some elements were constantly moving in and out of sync with each other. Since this score relied on it’s sound design, I spent a great deal creating presets for each synth and effect, and experimented with each parameter to see if anything sounded interesting.

Composer: 9th International Film Music Competition 2021

"Etiqueta Negra"

This was my entry to the 9th International Film Music Competition 2021 (Zurich Film Festival). A short love story in which things turn astray. Written for full orchestra.

Composer: Girt by Fear

Web Series

Girt by Fear is an Aussie horror web series which was designed to tell entertaining and fun but spooky stories for Halloween.

I was called to score music for part 5 and 6. The music relies on heavy electronic synthesizer sounds and distortion, especially during the more intense scenes of horror.

The score won best score at the LA Webfest awards 2017.

Directed by Yiani Andrikidis, David Ma and written by Joel Perlgut.

Composer: This Feral Life

Short Film

This Feral Life was a short film directed by Melissa Anastasi. The ambient music serves as something hopeful in a troubling and dark situation. Melissa loves more of the tinkly Rhode piano type sounds so it was important to add them in the soundtrack to give it a more child-like quality.

Composer and Sound Designer: Rainmaker

Mobile Game

Rainmaker started off as a Global Game Jam game, that evolved into a mobile game. It’s a game about transversing levels by transforming into objects such as a spider (to crawl), a ball (to bounce), and a block (to fall), and a bubble (to float).

The music is designed to be very subtle with calming chords and melodies to create an easy and charming atmosphere to the game.

It is available on both iOS and Android.

Sound Designer: The Wind & The Dull Roar

Brand Promotion

This was a promotional video for Saint who designs gear targeted for bikers.

I was asked by music composer Stephen Rae (credits include channel 10, 9, ABC TV shows; Puberty Blues, Safe Harbour, Seven Types of Ambiguity) to join him on the sound design aspects for this short film while he worked on music. The sound uses a mixture of on location sounds, edited together with sound designed recordings along with some manipulation techniques to give the sense of a dreamlike wonder to Jack Walker (the narrator).

Composer and Sound Designer: Watchdogs

Short Film

Watchdogs was a Tropfest film that tells the story of a deaf man, a criminal and a thief. I was responsible for post production audio. The music was designed to be minimal with mostly ambient textures, with the piano playing a mysterious and curious theme. There was a mixture of foley and creative sound design that complimented the director’s vision of the film being mysterious and suspenseful.

Directed by Anucharan Murugaiyan.

Composer: Family

Feature Documentary

Family was a personal documentary telling the the story of of two sisters whose fates are irrevocably entwined; Nina, a woman severely abused as a child and teenager by her brother-in-law, and Nikki, her older sister, who is married to the abuser.

The delicate topic called for subtle ambient music throughout the film. I used a combination of instruments such as a rhodes piano, acoustic piano, clarinet, strings, celeste, harp, with electro acoustic techniques to create an emotionally driven score.

Directed by Marryanne Christodoulou.